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The Antique Yacht Collection specializes in PRIVATE yachting & boating experiences aboard select and specialized boats and yachts.  This means only you, your group and the crew aboard our boats and yachts. No need to worry about sitting next to a complete stranger. A private yachting experience allows our boats, crew and staff to cater to you and your group’s needs. This means that we give a customizable experience every time we go out. This customization allows us to go swimming, stop for ice cream, or give a little narration and a harbor tour. Whatever you need, we can try to do.

Our goal is to provide a high quality, private, customizable and reasonably priced experience every time our boats leave the dock. We use the word “yacht” allot, but it doesn’t mean we are pretentious or charge an exorbitant fee.

Welcome Aboard!


Temma: Private Charter Yacht in Newport RI

Temma, is our relaxing classic cruiser. This classic yacht is available for private charter, and can accommodate up to 6 guests.


Prices start at $290 for a 1hr 45 min cruise. 

Temma can also do half  & full day charter. Please call or email to find out more about these custom itineraries.

As far as the Newport Experience goes, nothing beats a private cruise on a classic boat, which you have all to yourselves, sipping wine and exploring Newport harbor.

Baywatch: Private Charter Boat in Newport RI

Baywatch, our new highly flexible, large crowd carrying aluminum party platform that  is available for private charter, and can accommodate up to 21 guests.


Economical Tiered Pricing starts at $395 for up to 6 guests, 7-11 guests for $425, 12-15 guests for $550 and 16-22 guests for $750.

Baywatch charters are 1 hour and 45 min. but can be extended to 3 hours

As far as the Newport Experience goes, nothing beats a private cruise with all your friends, music, Swimming and BYOB encouragement.

Bachelorettes to Birthday parties,this is the boat for you


Newport is known for many things: the opulent summer cottages of the gilded age,highest concentration colonial era homes, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment, yachting, polo and beaches. "Resort Town" would be an understatement. 

We take pride in taking guest out on Narragansett Bay and Newport Harbor, sharing it's history. 

The geography of the Narragansett Bay and Newport Harbor, makes it very easy for us to dodge bad weather and stay in calm waters. There is always a way to get out of the wind and waves.

Newport is the home of the Antique Yacht Collection office and dock.

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