The Antique Yacht Collection specializes in PRIVATE yachting & boating experiences aboard select and specialized boats and yachts.  This means only you, your group and the crew aboard our boats and yachts. No need to worry about sitting next to a complete stranger. We have several boats which can accommodate up to six passengers and one boat that can carry up to 21 passengers. A private yachting experience allows our boats, crew and staff to cater to you and your group’s needs. This means that we give a customizable experience every time we go out. This customization allows us to go swimming, stop for ice cream, or give a little narration and a harbor tour. Whatever you need, we can try to do.

Our goal is to provide a high quality, private, customizable and reasonably priced experience every time our boats leave the dock. We use the word “yacht” allot, but it doesn’t mean we are pretentious or charge an exorbitant fee.

Welcome Aboard!

 Temma:Private yacht that accommodates up to 6 guests

Built in 1928 in Boothbay, Maine, Temma is the flagship of the Antique Yacht Collection. The boat was originally built as a spacious family cruising boat intended for New England waters in the summer months. These attributes make the boat ideal as a day boat, offering private boat tours around the Newport, RI, harbor and the rest of Narragansett Bay.

Temma offers several private charter yacht packages, which can be customized to our guests needs. All our trips are private, which means that when you board the boat, it will be only you, the people you invite, and your crew. The boat is limited to 6 guests. This a private charter boat and does not offer ticket sales per the person.


The 1 hour & 45 min. day cruise is our most popular cruise. It's a great way to get a feel for the area, do some quality sightseeing and for the brave, take a quick swim.The boat usually cruises though Newport harbor, out past Fort Adams, towards Castle hill, across East Passage, down the Jamestown Coast, back across the bay towards Rose and Goat Island, under the Goat Island Bridge, to the Newport Shipyard, and back to Bowens Landing, in front of the Lobster Bar and Landing restaurants. If guests decide to go swimming on this charter, there may not be enough time to see all the sights.


1 Hour & 45 MIN. Cruise

1 HOUR & 45 MIN.

6 Passenger Guests

Soft drinks are provided. BYOB encouraged.


More time means more adventures, more fun, and getting farther off the well-traveled path that the 1 hour & 45 min. charter is limited to. We enjoy Mackerel, Brenton and Clingstone Coves for swimming and lunch. More time also means more activities, like swimming to the beach or rocks in the Coves we anchor in. This could also just mean more time to do nothing but lie on the foredeck with a glass of wine and a good book while listening to the kids rock jumping and playing in the water.


Half Day Charter

3 HOURS & 30 MIN.

6 Passenger Guests

We provide a snack, beers and wine. Please feel free to bring your own catering and food. BYOB is encouraged.


While you are in Newport make every second count! Come out for an early morning Mimosa cruise and harbor tour in Newport RI. Mornings on the bay are beautiful, calm and warm. Sip your mimosa while you cruise Newport harbor. A morning cruise is an ideal time to bring children out for a private boat ride.


Morning Mimosa Cruise

1 HOUR & 30 MIN.

6 Passenger Guests

This cruise includes mimosas and soft drinks. BYOB encouraged.


A full day private boat charter is where Temma truly stands out. Guests have the opportunity to get way off the beaten track, take as much time as they need to relax, enjoy the sea breeze, swim in amazing anchorages, drink great wine, and enjoy fresh snacks prepared onboard.


Full Day Charter

6 HOURS & 30 MIN.

6 Passenger Guests

We include lunch, two snacks, beer, wine, soft drinks, water, desert, and flexibility.


The best way to bring an amazing day to a close and usher in a fun night on the town in Newport. See the colors of the bay come to life with a backdrop of mansions, farms, and lighthouses. This is a crew favorite and tends to be the first cruise to sell out on a busy weekend. The route we take is the same as the 1 hour and 45 min cruise. The sun is setting as we make our way across the bay with the Newport bridge and Rose Island in the background. The sunset cruise is a favorite for marriage proposals and groups who plan on going out to dinner in Newport after their private cruise.


Sunset Cruise

1 HOUR & 45 MIN.

6 Passenger Guests

We include a bottle of chilled Prosecco, water, and soft drinks. BYOB is encouraged.


The best gifts are experiences. As far as a memorable and enjoyable experience goes, it does not get better than a trip on Temma. We offer the sunset cruise, Morning Mimosa, and The 1 Hr. & 45 Min. Day cruise as gift certificates. If a Half day is preferred, give us a call. A private harbor tour aboard Temma is a great way to show the special people in your life love and gratitude.

$390 to $800

Gift Certificate

1 HOUR & 45 MIN.

6 Passenger Guests

A light Soft drinks are provided. BYOB encouraged.

Baywatch: Private Charter Boat in Newport RI that can take up to 22 guests.

Baywatch, our new highly flexible, large crowd carrying, aluminum landing craft, party platform that  is available for private charter, and can accommodate up to 22 guests.


Economical Tiered Pricing starts at $395 for up to 6 guests, 7-11 guests for $425, 12-15 guests for $550 and 16-22 guests for $750.

Baywatch charters are 1 hour and 45 min. but can be extended to 3 hours

As far as the Newport Experience goes, nothing beats a private cruise with all your friends, music, Swimming and BYOB encouragement.

Bachelorettes to Birthday parties,this is the boat for you. Baywatch is handicap and wheelchair accessible.



31 Bowens Wharf, Newport, RI


101 Greenmanville Ave, Mystic, CT


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