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Private Yacht Chater

Antique Yacht Collection Management Services

Classic yacht refit & restoration, charter agent, business infrastructure and care taking services

After Temmas’ first winter refit under our care, she attracted a good amount of attention from people who had followed her progress. People would come up to us at the shipyard or after a charter and say, "Wow, I wish I could own a classic wooden boat like this, it’s just the maintenance. It's too much."

After a few of these conversations, people with wooden boats started approaching us saying, “Why not fix my boat up for day charter, and charter it out for the summer?"

This is how we got into the classic yacht management business.

We focus on four aspects: refit & restoration, charter management, business infrastructure set up; and general caretaking services.

Our main strength in this field comes from experience, knowing the right craftsmen and contractors, possessing allot of technical and finishing skills in house, local knowledge and a healthy dose of hard work and love.

To this date there have been two refits for clients followed by us chartering the boats out on the owners’ behalf. 

Further collaboration has followed with Mystic Seaport with regard to charter infrastructure set up. 

We are a young company always open to collaborative opportunities with the promise of adding more charter products. If you have any ideas, please contact us.

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